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Born and brought up in Mumbai, the city of dreams, I completed my undergrad in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University. Post that I moved to Atlanta, United States to complete my MS in Information Security from Georgia Institute of Technology.

After graduating from Georgia Tech, I joined a startup called AirWatch based out of Atlanta. Being part of the startup scene in Atlanta and post acquisition of AirWatch by VMware, I decided it was the right time to move back to the bustling startup scene in India.


Being back in India, I joined CouponDunia, an online couponing website and since then have been working and freelancing across different startup's and enterprises across India and the world.

Currently I am engaged with a client from South East Asia and a couple of clients from GCC. I love travelling for fun and work alike. I binge on old school sitcoms like Cheers, Frasier, Wings to name a few and can watch Impractical Jokers day or night.


My Devices

I currently use a 2020 Macbook Pro 13 inch model. The Specs for my device are:

  • 2.0GHz quad-core 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor with Intel Iris Plus Graphics

  • Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz

  • 16GB memory

  • 1TB SSD storage

  • 13-inch Retina display with True Tone

  • Magic Keyboard

In Addition to complete my workstation I use the below devices:

  • Apple Magic Trackpad 2 - Space Grey​ (check it here)

  • Apple Magic Keyboard (check it here)

  • Dell 24 inch IPS monitor - P2419H (check it here)

  • iTek Wireless charger (check it here)

Since I work regularly with mobile applications I have one device for iOs and one for Android.

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB is my primary phone of choice as it integrates really well with my laptop and other apple devices​

  • OnePlus 8T 5G is my choice of android device. OnePlus devices have been my choice since couple of years now as they are fast and do not bloat your device with unnecessary software

Airpods Pro and Bose SoundSport Wireless are the earphones I use on regular basis. 

Alexa is the chosen assistant which I have integrated across my home. I have used couple of Echo Show 5 devices and couple of Echo Dot 3rd generation to achieve automation

Tools & Applications

Below are some of the applications or tools I use on a daily basis for work or entertainment purposes

Product & Project Management

  • Jira - I have been a Jira fan since 2011 and continue to use it for my Product management and roadmap needs. The customisations in workflows as well as third party integrations to build Agile process and implementing the same in Jira is second nature to me

  • Confluence - Using Jira and documentation in Confluence are the two most well integrated product every product manager should know how to work with. The simplicity of hosting internal documentation linked with user stories and tasks is one of the most used feature of confluence

  • Trello - I use trello for simple task management, especially when working with multiple clients at the same time, Trello helps keeps track of pending tasks

  • LucidChart - A very good alternative to Visio. Be it ER diagrams, System Architecture diagrams or flowcharts, you name it and all of these are easily made using LucidChart.

  • Balsamiq - When you have to create quick clickable mockups or prototypes of user flow journey or just to explain your concept better Balsamiq is my tool of choice. with easy drag and drop functions it is one of the best tools available to make clickable prototypes. Don't forget to check out their recipes page as well.

  • Office 365 - Microsoft Office tools are the best tools to use for word, excel and powerpoint. Office 365 subscription not only gives you access to all above mentioned softwares but also gives access to one drive cloud storage to share and edit documents/files in real time. 

  • Google Analytics - Google Analytics is a great tool to monitor custom events for websites and apps alike. Plus it's integration with Google Ad Manager, Firebase and Tag Manager allow it to become one source for maintaining all analytics data

  • Mixpanel/ CleverTap/ Firebase - All these three are amazing analytics tools which not only allows you to track custom event with parameters but also helps you build User Profiles to then further build user segments and Cohorts. These can then be used for marketing automations or triggers to send communication to end users thus making customer engagement easier.

Productivity & Utilities

  • AirMail - Airmail is my choice of email client. With both Mac and iOS app and features like read receipts and focussed mailbox across multiple email accounts makes it worthwhile and it's just $9.99 a year for both the applications.

  • Fantastical - One of the great features of Fantastical is using one single calendar you can join meetings with Zoom, Teams, Slack, Google Meet from the calendar itself. Also viewing the meeting times across different timezones is a good feature when clients work across multiple time zones

  • ATOM - Atom is an advanced notepad which allows me to create quick notes as well as enable to work as an IDE as well.

  • Vysor - Screen share for android devices. Pretty straightforward in terms of screen sharing for android devices. it also supports wireless screen share.

  • Browserstack - I use Browserstack to test websites and applications on different browsers and mobile devices to perform easy and quick manual testing of applications and websites.

  • BetterTouchTool - This is my go to tool for keyboard and trackpad automations and the snap window function is something i cannot live without.


For communication purposes I use most of the applications you would have heard of whether it is the old traditional Phone Call or Email or more advanced tools like Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, Line, Facebook Messenger or Snapchat.

For business communication tools I use Slack, Microsoft Teams, Flock, Google Messenger, Skype to name. a few. Feel free to reach out to me on your preferred channel of communication and I will be in touch with you.

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