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Some of the unique projects that I have completed over my decade of experience have been listed below. These range from developing websites, to building complex technology driven channel activation programs and a few Fintech products enabling women empowerment and rural development.

SportyDesk - Help Desk

  • Successfully designed and implemented a help desk solution with an in-house chatbot, Zendesk KB, and chat integration to reduce missed customer service requests from 66% to 40% in four weeks.

  • SportyDesk is a customer service product for They were receiving a massive number of requests, but could not attend to more than 30% as the help button redirects the user to a live agent.

  • I led a team of eight, which included four back-end developers, two front-end developers, one UI/UX designer, and a product manager.

  • We designed the product to increase the response rate by building a chatbot integrated with Zendesk Chat and a knowledge-based system (KBS). In the new workflow, when a user clicks the help button, they are redirected to the help page.

  • Users can chat or browse the knowledge base to resolve the issue on their own. This includes more than 200 articles across various categories. Upon clicking the chat now option, a user interacts with the chatbot, identifies the issue, after which articles are suggested to help them solve the problem. If the issue still persists, users select the transaction they are facing an issue with and are then redirected to a live agent.

  • Issue resolution time decreased with agents now handling more tickets. My role was to get the feature designed, define APIs, and the back office admin portal with automation, Zendesk integration, load testing, and sprint planning.

Digital Repayment of Loan Using JioPhone

  • Led development for a micro-finance project where more than 4.5 million JioPhone devices distributed and five million Jio payment bank accounts opened in one activation scheme. The micro-finance has Rs. 10,000 crore loan disbursal each year.

  • The micro-finance company disburses Rs. 10,000 crore loans to self-help groups across a state in India. They receive weekly repayments in the tune of 200,000 to 600,000 daily in cash. The objective was to digitise the repayment process.

  • My role was to design the solution and get it implemented. The solution included integrating the micro-finance systems with a messaging service to remind the user of the pending repayment and a banking solution for the digital repayment of the loan amount. The messaging solution integrates with webhooks to perform specific actions for a closed group. It allows for one to many and 1-to-1 messaging privileges supporting different media types such as video, images, and rich text.

  • The repayment webhook integrates with a micro-finance banking system, which triggers a message regarding loan repayment. The customer clicks the Pay Now option on the message, after which the banking app opens, and the user enters their security pin to complete the transaction.

  • I designed and implemented the solution and obtained a confirmed order for the same from the client.

Geo-fencing and mCoupon - CouponDunia

  • Successfully designed and implemented geo-fencing and mCoupon for CouponDunia Retail vertical offering.

  • CouponDunia had launched offline coupons that could be used in offline retail stores like Marks & Spencer and Shoppers Stop. After analysing the data, we realised that the lowest conversions were for stores in malls. Furthermore, a bad network and users turning off data led to inaccessible coupons. To resolve these challenges, we introduced two features, the offline mode, and geo-fencing. For the offline mode, users could save coupons as favourites to be available offline. Next, coupon details of the most frequented stores around these four locations were made available offline.

  • For geo-fencing, we sent the users a real-time notification about offers in a mall as soon as they entered a mall. We mapped all the malls on Google Maps and built a polygon using latitude/longitude coordinates. When the user triggered a geo-fence, the app checked to see if the customer was inside the mall polygon or not and show the notification accordingly.

Jio App Store - App Release Project for 100+ Million Active Users

  • Accomplished managing app approval and deployment process for 50+ mobile apps deployed for 100+ million active users.

  • Defined and implemented App Store submission and approval process including working with multiple departments like app testing, device testing, app store testing, and monetization teams.

  • Successfully launched new and updates for third-party apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Assistant, etc.

  • Handled commercial discussions and the agreement closure for JioPhone apps and services offered. Achieved revenue targets of 30+ crore for fiscal year 19-20.

  • Reduced the app release time from 15 days to four days post submission to the App Store.

Agile Implementation for VMware AirWatch

  • Successfully transitioned a 500+ strong R&D team from Waterfall to the Agile Scrum development process.•

  • Fulfilled the role of Jira Administrator to set up Jira projects and boards for 20+ development teams.

  • Set up the release management process to move from waterfall to scrum development cycle.

  • Led the training of 500+ members using the "train the trainer" process.

  • Successfully completed Jira and Confluence integration and definition of documentation process.

  • Acted as scrum master for the team. Tasks included improving resource utilisation, reducing product backlog, and helping the team meet product release deadlines.

  • Implemented Planning Poker for story point estimations.

  • Led Sprint ceremonies for multiple development teams during transition from TFS to Jira.

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